Batching Box

A batch is a way of grouping together payments that you can sign and send to the Bank.

All payment instructions must be batched before they can be authorised - unless you use the Single Stage functionality. This lets you authorise a number of payments as a group. Any payment that has been created but hasn't been batched will show in the Payments tab in the Batching Box.

Payments that have been batched but have not yet been authorised will show in the Batches tab in the Batching Box.

It is possible to batch different types of payment together so that you can collectively sign all the payments at once. Or you can create a batch containing only one payment - so that you authorise each batch individually

Payments will be batched together automatically according to the authorisation profiles of the payments instructions. So payments requiring one authorisation will be placed in a different batch from payments that need two.

Payments and transfers contained in a batch can be amended or cancelled; however, the batch must be cancelled before changes can be made.

FX deal rates are valid for a limited period of time. All FX deals are single authority and do not need to be batched. They will not appear in the Payments List screen.

Single Stage Authorisation

If you have the relevant permissions, you'll be offered Single Stage processing. This means the payment will go straight to the bank once it's signed. If the payment doesn't meet the single stage criteria - for example if more than one authorisation is needed -it will move to the process payments screens.

An onscreen message will advise the payment can be sent straight to the Bank

  1. Click Continue to use Single Stage
  2. Sign payment as usual
  3. Click Process Payments then Bank Box to confirm status of payment

If Single stage is not appropriate for the payment:

  1. Uncheck the payment
  2. Select Continue

This will move the payment to the Process Payments screen where it needs to be batched, authorised and then sent to the bank. From any of the payment process screens you will be able to view the payment details by clicking on the Payment Id link. You can also print the payment details by clicking the 'View as PDF/Print' button from this screen.

To Batch payments

  1. Select the Payments tab
  2. Click Process Payments

The Payments tab within the Batching Box is revealed, displaying all payments currently available for batching.

  1. Check Payments ready to be batched
  2. Click Generate Batch

The automatic batching process will create batch(es) based on the authorisation profiles of the payments.

  1. Click OK
  2. Enter a batch name

At this stage you can enter or select a previously stored email address for the authorisers. This will send a generic email advising that payments are ready for signing.

The Batch will now show under the Batches and Authorisation tab and will be displayed on the Payment List screen as BTC (batched)

To Cancel a batch

  1. Select the Payments tab
  2. Click Process Payments
  3. Select the Batches tab within the Batching Box tab
  4. Click Cancel on the batch to be cancelled