Authorisation Box

Payments that have been batched but not yet fully authorised will show in the Authorisation Box. All batches that can be signed by you will display a Sign option. Some batches may require one authorisation (1+0/0), others may require more (2+1/0).

The number of authorisations required depends on the authorisation rules set by the System Administrator.

The Auth Profile - Displays the number of authorisations required. This may be from the creating User Group alone or require authorisation from users from different user groups.

  • Example one - (1+0/0) means that one signature is required from the creating group, there are no signatures required from any other group and the payment hasn't been authorised yet
  • Example two - (1+1/1) means that one signature is required from the first group, one is required from another group and there has been one signature so far

Once a batch has been fully authorised, it is ready to be sent to the bank.

To sign (Authorise) a batch

  • Select the Payments tab
  • Click Process Payments
  • Select the Authorisation Box tab
  • To view the content of the batch ready to be authorised click on the Batch ID
  • Select the Authorisation Box tab again
  • Click Sign

The Gemsafe Esigner box will be displayed

  • Click Sign & Submit and Sign payment

Batches needing further authorisation will stay in the Authorisation Box until fully signed. Fully authorised batches will be moved to the Outbox, and the payment status in the Payment List will be updated to AUT (authorised).