View Payment

Once a payment has been sent to the bank there are various checks made before a decision is made. Within this short period of time, the payments are displayed in the Payments List. Once a decision has been made, the payments will be found in one of three tabs in the Bank Box.

The three tabs are:

  • Actioned - Payments have been successfully created and payment details appear within the Actioned tab
  • Deferred - Most payment types can be post dated for 90 days and once successfully sent to the bank will appear in the Deferred box. These payments can be cancelled up to 6pm on the previous business day if you have the correct permissions
  • Rejected - Any payment that has been rejected because of insufficient funds, incorrect beneficiary sort code etc., will appear in the Rejected tab. An email is sent to those involved with the authorisation process and the primary contact, to advise that a payment has rejected. Click on the ID to view the reason for the rejection

To create a replacement payment

  • Click the ID to reveal full details of the payment
  • Click Clone

The payment details will be taken back to the Payments tab within the Batching Box.

  • Click on the ID
  • Select Amend

You can now make any required amendments

  • Click Save

Payment is now ready to be batched. Payments will be displayed within the Bank Box for five days. To find historic payments that are over five days old use the Find a Payment facility.

Payment status codes

  • CRT - created/unbatched
  • BTC - batched
  • AUT - authorised
  • IPS - issued to Payment Services
  • SPD - temporarily suspended
  • RCD - received
  • REJ - rejected
  • ACD - accepted
  • ACT - actioned
  • PTC - passed to CHAPS
  • PTI - passed to International
  • DEF - deferred
  • LAP - lapsed
  • CAB - cancelled at Bank
  • CAO - cancelled by originator
  • RET - returned
  • QAC - qualified acceptance