Charging Options for International Payments

The charging options depend on the currency of the account being debited, the currency being sent and the payment destination.

Available options

  • Pay Remitting Bank Charges - You will pay all your charges
  • Pay Receiving Bank Charges - The beneficiary will pay all charges
  • For both parties to share the charges Pay Remitting Bank Charges must be selected

If the payment is to an EEA country from an EEA country, regardless of the currency, e.g. sending a payment from the UK to France, all charges must be shared and to achieve this option Pay Remitting Bank Charges must be selected.

If the payment is partially in the EEA i.e. either you or the beneficiary are outside of the EEA e.g. sending AUD from the UK to Australia regardless of the currency, the available options is Pay Remitting Bank Charges or Pay Remitting Bank and Pay Receiving Bank Charges.

If the payment is made from outside the EEA to another country also outside the EEA then any of the above charging options can be selected.