Find Beneficiary

You can create payments in free-format (where you just type in the sort code and account number etc. detailing where funds are to be sent). Or you can store the details as a beneficiary, which can be re-used.

To create a beneficiary

When payments are sent regularly to a beneficiary, it's possible to create a mandate with their details. This can be selected each time a payment is to be instructed.

  1. Select the Payments tab
  2. Click Manage Beneficiaries
  3. Select the Create Beneficiary tab

Click the payment type the beneficiary is to be set up for. Note that Domestic Payment Beneficiary is used for both BACS and CHAPS payments. Non-standard characters (such as . #, *) shouldn't be used in the beneficiary record

  1. Complete necessary fields
  2. Click Save

Your beneficiary is now created and can be viewed in the Find Beneficiary tab, or when making a payment will be available via the Select Beneficiaries list.

To find a beneficiary

  1. Select the Payments tab
  2. Click Manage Beneficiaries

You can search within the Find Beneficiary tab using any of the following criteria:

  • Beneficiary Type, e.g. Domestic Beneficiary
  • Beneficiary Name or Beneficiary Account Name
  • Account Name, number, IBAN or currency.

Using the * will also help to find beneficiaries e.g. B* will find all beneficiaries beginning with B.