Corporate Online home page

When you login to Corporate Online, the homepage is displayed. This page can display up to 10 key accounts – which can be a mixture of sterling and international accounts. On first login you need to create your own Key accounts.

To add key accounts to your homepage

  1. Click the Key Accounts Group link
  2. Click Add Sterling Accounts or Add International Accounts
  3. Check the tick box beside the account or accounts you want on your homepage
  4. Click Save

To access key accounts

  1. Click the link for the account you want to look at

To access other accounts

If you have access to more than 10 accounts, the remaining accounts can be viewed using the Find an Account panel.

You can select accounts according to:

  • Group type – such as sterling, international etc
  • The account name
  • The sort code and account number
  1. Make your selection and click Find
  2. Click on the link for the account you want to look at

Account balances

The balance displayed on your key accounts is the closing balance from the previous business day. To get a real time balance, click Get Latest Balance.


If there are any unread messages to view, this will be highlighted on the homepage.