Account Balance

Real Time account balances can be viewed, printed and downloaded from Corporate Online. The Account Balance page displays a range of information on the current position of each account, including:

  • Current balance - the live ledger balance, including all transactions processed during the current business day
  • Uncleared funds - cheques paid in over the last few days still waiting to be cleared (includes funds clearing today)
  • Cleared balance - The balance on which any overnight interest will be calculated, i.e. the current balance minus any uncleared funds not due to clear today or the next business day
  • Projected cleared balances - balances projected over the next few days as recently lodged cheques are cleared
  • Funds for payment - the cleared funds available for payments to third parties

To print balance information

From an account servicing screen

  1. Click Print

A new window opens

  1. Click Print

To download balance information

  1. Click Download

Click Open or Save in the resulting pop-up box