Creating a user group

Before you can assign accounts to service users, you must create a user group. Authorisation for each user is determined by the group they're in. All users in the same group will have the same authorisations.

If you plan to have a limited number of users, or don't need to set up varying authorisation rules, you can create one group and assign all users to this group.

If you want to replicate the paper or manual signing authorities already in place, you'll need to carefully consider the groups you assign your service users to.

To create a user group:

  1. Click the Users tab

The Users Groups screen opens

  1. Select Create
  2. Enter the new user group name in the User Group field
  3. Click Save

The Signing screen opens.

  1. Check the details and click Sign and Submit
  2. Enter your PIN and click OK to confirm the action

The new user group is added to the list of user groups on the User Groups screen.