Creating a new Smartcard user

  1. Click on the Users tab then the Service Users link

The Service Users screen opens:

  1. Select the user group you wish to attach the new service user to from the Users in Group drop-down list, click Select

All Token and Smartcard users in that group will be displayed

  1. select Request

The Smartcard Request screen opens:

  1. Select a title from the Title drop-down list
  2. Enter a surname and forename in the text boxes.

The surname and forename that will be printed on the card will be the same as the details entered here. Make sure the email address is correct.

  1. Select No next to Digital Identity Holder

If a new card reader is required for this user

  1. Select the type of Smartcard reader from the Smartcard Reader Type drop-down list

The user's address will be automatically populated with the business correspondence address we hold. If a different address is required, over-type the text boxes on the screen.

  1. Click Request

The Signing screen opens:

  1. Check the details and click Sign and Submit
  2. Enter your PIN and click OK to confirm the action

A message is displayed telling you the Smartcard has been requested. The primary contact will receive an email confirming this.

It can take up to five business days for Smartcards to be received.

Smartcards and readers are chargeable. Costs are shown on our website.