Reset Token Service User

Please note that Tokens will no longer be available to new customers after 1st October 2013. However, existing customers who use Tokens are still able to order new/replacement tokens as required.

If a token service user has had five failed attempts at their PIN, they will not be able to logon to Corporate Online. You can reset the user to allow access again.

  1. Select the Users tab
  2. Click the Service Users link

The Service Users screen opens

  1. Select the user group the user is attached to from the User Group drop-down list
  2. Click Select
  3. Select the Token Users tab
  4. Check the tick box next to the name of the user whose token requires reset
  5. Click Reset

The Signing screen opens

  1. Check the details and click Sign and Submit
  2. Enter your PIN and click OK to confirm the action